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Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric admission is advised by the psychiatrist based upon the need of the patient at the time of seeking for care. Different mental illness require differing treatment and at Safe Places, we invest time to get a proper diagnosis and understanding of the person for the best possible course of treatment.

Mental Illnesses are a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior of an individual.
There are nearly 300 disorders as per the Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), which is the diagnostic tool for Mental illness.

Major categorization of Mental disorders include; Neuro-development Disorders, Bipolar and related disorders, Anxiety Disorders , Trauma and Stress related Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Somatic symptom disorders, Feeding and eating disorders, sleep-wake disorders, Disruptive, Impulse control and Conduct Disorders, Depressive disorders, substance use and addictive disorders, Neurocognition disorders,chizophrenia spectrum and other Psychotic disorders, obsessive- compulsive disorder, Personality Disorders.

No one person is completely similar to another even Identical twins differ, and thus mental illness manifests differently in different people. There are several conditions as well as severity of the conditions, we therefore advise that you or your loved ones seek
an assessment from Our Psychiatrists for proper diagnosis and care.
The period of treatment also varies from short to long term care depending on the individual factors.

You deserve a personalized meticulously crafted care plan.
At safe places, using the bio-psychosocial model Combine medical interventions, psycho-education, symptom management, occupational therapy, psycho-therapy among other interventions to start you on a firm journey of holistic healing.