Safe Places Uganda | Rehabs Centre in Kampala, Uganda

In-Patient/Residential Care

In-patient and Residential Care.

This is designed for those with more intense needs, it involves admission for and treatment at Safe places under residential care, where round-the-clock monitoring meets comprehensive support. 

In-patient care is a circuit-breaker, removing you from triggering environments, providing you with intensive, round-the-clock support in a therapeutic environment, and starting you off on a patient-focused treatment plan. It acts as a turning point if you need one, offers a lot of opportunities for introspection and re-strategizing free of outside influences as well as environment re-engineering to suit continued recovery post-residential care. It will also give you an opportunity to experience your life with controlled symptoms and a mind free of intoxication that will motivate you to work at recovery. It is important to note that period of residential care varies from Short to long term.
We would love to welcome you into our inpatient facility (check gallery for pictures), making our spacious rooms and calm environment the backdrop to your recovery journey.

This programme is the leading catalyst for long-term sobriety and managed mental illness. After an assessment from the receiving professional, and a recommendation for inpatient care, a personalized treatment plan is developed
between the client and professional to suit the opted for program.

At the beginning of the program, we will start by introducing you to our team and orienting you to our environment. Then, we will take time to get to know your desires, goals and loved ones expectations as well as communicate our centre policies and expectations, before showing you what daily life at Safe Places looks like. Then we shall embark on a joint holistic journey to healing comprising of You at the Centre, Us and your family/support system.