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We Are Intentionally Different

Instilling the belief that recovery is always possible, we weave our trio of core values through our every interaction – a dedication to patient dignity, a commitment to excellence, and a drive to treat all individuals exactly how we’d like to be treated. It’s something we’ll never compromise on, carving a relaxed, welcoming environment, where everybody can feel at home. We may be renowned for our world-class resources, premises. and treatment options, but we believe that our team remains our great asset. Warm, friendly, and empathetic, with a rich understanding of the complexities of addiction, we bring Uganda’s leading addiction professionals under one roof. From psychologists to psychiatrists, nurses to GPS, and speech therapists to social workers, we’ll come together to guide you through your most difficult moments – judgement-free and reassuring. Put simply; we don’t just want to nurture your healing journey. We want to delve into the root of your addiction, safeguarding your future with vital coping mechanisms. We want to make gentle, patient-centred mental health services accessible, showing you that you are worthy of recovery. And crucially, we want to empower you to believe that you can recover.
Safe Places Uganda | Rehabs Centre in Kampala, Uganda
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You don’t have to suffer in silence. We are here for Your healing journey Start here by giving you the tools to live the life you deserve.
Safe Places Uganda | Rehabs Centre in Kampala, Uganda

About us

Starting Out

Established in 2017 in the conducive environment of Kyambogo, we are an expert-led mental, Neurological and addiction treatment centre with a holistic approach. With a diverse in-house team comprising of psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social workers, clinicians, Mental Health Nurses, counsellors, Varied Therapists and Addiction counsellors, we possess the expertise and resources to manage a broad range of Mental Health issues, opening the door to holistic recovery. We are a safe place for persons suffering from mental illness and addiction. A safe place where you come first.

We are the difference

Believing In Second Chances

Combatting the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction, and offering new age evidence-based patient-centred care, we strive to be the difference we want to see. It’s our calling to use our voice to show people everywhere that mental health matters. individuals with mental illness and addictions deserve a second chance at life. Seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, it’s an act of courage.
Safe Places Uganda | Rehabs Centre in Kampala, Uganda
Safe Places Uganda | Rehabs Centre in Kampala, Uganda

QUALITY. It's in our DNA

We Don't Settle For Good - We Chase Excellence.

At Safe Places, we never underestimate the power of getting it ‘right’ with our Bio- psychosocial treatment model ranging from intense Psycho-therapy to medical interventions in a therapeutic environment for your initial recovery experience; we set you up for long-term success. It may not be easy, but it will be worth every moment.

Our Expert Staff

Our staff come with a wealth of experience in their respective domains. Each of them with years of
clinical experience having worked at hospitals, corporates or as entrepreneurs.