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Aftercare Program

Aftercare Program

Our support doesn’t end as we wave you out of our doors. Instead, we view our partnership as a lifelong alliance, with our friendly team just a call away, an arsenal of resources at your fingertips, and listening ears at your disposal for when things get tough. Put simply; it’s an essential way to prepare you for life beyond Safe Places, safeguarding a relapse-free, smooth-sailing future.

As you step away from the comfort of round-the-clock support, daily structure, and an escape from your triggers, it’s essential to be aware of your stressors and cravings, and crucially, how to handle them positively. If you are returning to the same environment as the one that fed your addiction or triggered your disease, aftercare will play a crucial role in ensuring you don’t turn to past
habits, nurturing your recovery.

Giving you the best possible chance at long-term sobriety, we’ll steer you through life’s obstacles, responding to new triggers, navigating new relationships, building coping mechanisms, unlocking a life of fulfilment, and ultimately, helping you grow. 

From group meetings and continued outpatient support to ensuring we always have an experienced professional at the end
of a phone line, we’ll slot into your recovery journey.