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Dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis

Whereas mental disorders and substance / alcohol use disorders can occur alone, research indicates that more often than not persons with severe mental illness may also have a co-occurring substance/Alcohol use disorder and vice versa. 

At safe places, we assess and treat for co-occurring disorders so that a person gets wholesome care and recovery. We want to be that support, talking you through the lows, by your side through the highs, and guiding you towards your next chapter – healthy, happy, and ready to be the person you want to be.

Providing you with the proper support, where your needs are listened to, your diagnosis is accounted for, and you’re given the tools to manage your symptoms safely, we want you to want more from life. 

You deserve a life filled with healthy relationships, fulfilling interests, and a generous serving of self-confidence, regardless of your diagnosis, and we’ll give you the push to get you there.