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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Work places like any other community of people are rife with a number of challenges ranging from individual emotional, financial, relationship challenges to chronic stress, fatigue, burn-out, bullying, family issues, substance or alcohol misuse, conflict, low motivation and many more. 

With our EAP we design custom made work-based interventions that are aimed at assisting employees in resolving their personal or work place challenges that may adversely affect their performance and productivity. 

The interventions may include; Assessment of employees’ needs, individual consultation, diagnosis and treatment of mental health, substance use and wellness issues, counselling/Therapy, awareness and empowerment sessions for all employees, supervisors and managers, educational or topical program like stress management, training. 

Key to note is that unique organizational needs inform the model of the EAP and the specific program. Invite us into your organisation and we find the best solution for your employees. You will be the ultimate winner, deemed as a listening and caring employer, you will reap from a motivated and happy workforce!