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Safe Places Uganda Treatment Centre offers the following services:
Our psychiatric assessment includes a general medical and psychiatric history and a mental status examination.

A variety of mental health assessment tools are used to gather as much information as possible.

Examples of mental health assessment tools include:
  • observation (the counselor or doctor watches and listens, and makes notes)
  • interviews (structured and formal, from a script of pre-written questions; semi-structured; or informal question-and-answer type discussion)
  • interviews with a client's family
  • checklists
  • rating scales
  • questionnaires
  • standardized tests (tests with fixed instructions for administering, taking, and recording answers whose scores are compared to others in the same age group)
A psychological assessment evaluates thinking, learning and behaviour.

The assessment may include interviews, observation, testing and consultation with other professionals involved in your child’s care.

Testing includes pencil and paper tasks, puzzles, drawing, and games.

The assessment covers many skill areas, such as general intellectual level, language, memory and learning, problem solving, planning and organization, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and academic skills (reading, math, spelling and writing). It also includes an examination of behaviour and emotions.
Treatment of mental conditions like; Anxiety disorders, Depression. Psychosis & Bipolar, Suicidal thoughts / feelings, schizophrenia, etc.
We have specific addiction and rehabilitation programmes designed to help both individuals and groups seeking help from Addiction.
Individual counselling,
Marital or relationship,
Career guidance,
Substance use disorders (alcohol and other drug dependence),
Trauma and grief counselling.

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